Kyra was born and raised in Montana and has lived in Livingston, MT, for the past 16 years with her husband, two children, one cat and one dog.  

Kyra's latest projects are photographing and writing for the travel blog, The Last Best Plates, which pays homage to all things wonderful throughout the gorgeous state of Montana--the amazing food and restaurants, outdoor activities, small towns, and everything in-between.  Her other ventures are freelancing for private companies looking to promote their brand and practicing the craft of fine art photography.     

Kyra is a romantic-classical photographer.  Influenced by early street photographers Eugene Atget and Henri Cartier-Bresson for their decisive moments, and Daguerre for his early “image quality”.   Growing up, the only magazines lying around were old National Geographic's, which she paged through over and over, dreaming of traveling to far off countries and photographing their people and cultures.  Her portraiture is influenced by the the plethora of editorial images found in newsstand magazines-Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Sunset, etc.  She strives to tell compelling stories by encompassing the environment of the person within it, tying the two together seamlessly, and capturing the personal connection of the individual. 

Kyra's personal works vary in style.  Most of her latest work is done with her iPhone.  The first style is a combination of street photography and architectural, sometimes a combination of both, allowing them each to play an important role within the image. Other images are pure romantic architectural form. A beautiful balance of curving lines meeting strait, ornate metal gates, sharp details and textures found in nature and manmade creations.  The second style, is painterly, reminiscent of Georgia O’Keeffe and other artists who create “studies” of natural and manmade objects.  And, lastly, her iPhone portraiture is almost strictly environmental and pretty much entirely of her family...their environment is constantly moving and changing, and there are memories and stories behind each snapshot - first days of school, lazy summer days, camping, morel hunting, family vacations, finding a christmas's continuous story... 

Kyra was the 2003 Recipient of the Stephen Babcock Memorial Scholarship at MSU.  In 2004, she graduated from Montana State University with a BA in Film & Photography.  For two years, she understudied with two local and accomplished wedding photographers, where she learned many editorial and lifestyle photography techniques.  In 2014, she was awarded the Livingston Center for Arts & Cultural Emerging Artist Grant.

Her freelance, professional experience has been photographing travel & lifestyle, environmental portraiture, fine art, food & restaurants.  Her work has been published in Bon Appetite, Greater Yellowstone Magazine, Montana Magazine, Distinctly Montana, CAT Apparel Clothing and The Last Best Plates blog.